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Welcome on the page of the Fortytwo Security Capture the flag Challenge.

For aspiring white hats, CTF challenges are a great way to learn hacking techniques, strengthen your problem-solving skills, and gain critical hands-on practice. Our CTF competitions deal the right level of pressure to keep things interesting while helping you to sharpen your skills. The winning team will be rewarded with a special prize.


The challenge will take place on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, from 7 to 9 pm.
Participants will be welcomed from 6 pm by Vincent Ossewaarde, director of Fortytwo Security, and can enjoy dinner together.


Fortytwo Security office
Noordermarkt 16
1015MX Amsterdam


The challenge will consist of 10-12 teams of 2-3 participants. We hold a maximum of 30 people, so to participate in this challenge be sure to register on time.


You can register individually or with your own team, in that case, don’t forget to send us your team name. Use your student email address, and make sure to include your resume (CV). Registration is possible until January 12th, 2019 at


It is strongly recommended that each participant come with their own laptop with a Kali Linux intrusion test distribution. Laptops may, however, be made available to certain participants if they have made a prior request by email to the organizing committee of the event before January 15th, 2018.