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Cloud Migration

We can move your business to the cloud – quickly and efficiently

Cloud Migration

Move your business to the cloud – quickly and efficiently

Why Cloud Migration?

Migrating to the cloud, it is not a question if you should but when and how. The benefits are clear – moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and into the cloud allows for greatly enhanced flexibility in data management and access. Moreover, it also saves money over physical network maintenance and provides a direct path for future evolution or up-scaling of systems over time.

Cloud migration may seem like a huge task for companies accustomed to traditional data management, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortytwo has been a trusted cloud partner to its clients and has created many seamless cloud migration journeys. With our cloud consulting, migration and managed services, we can help you accelerate digital transformation with a faster and cost-effective transition while maximizing business outcomes.

Our Cloud Services

Fortytwo offers a complete portfolio of services that help to define strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy effective technologies and ensure operational readiness through security. From strategic programs to tactical projects, we partner with clients to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs.

We have a flexible approach towards cloud migration. Since we are not tied to one platform, set of languages or even methodology, we can implement bespoke systems using whichever technologies that serve your organization best. We have expertise and experience in many different platforms and services like AWS, dockers and Azure.

Our Cloud Security services include:


Virtual ciso services provides easy access to knowledge

Cloud consulting

Our team of experts assess, analyze and design a road map to meet your business goals.

Virtual ciso services provides easy access to compliance

Cloud migration

We architect migration of data, applications and infrastructure for improved application availability from anytime and anywhere.

Virtual ciso services provides easy access to peace of mind


Our cloud solutions span full range of security protocols to safeguard multiple cloud environments. Ensured secured data, apps and infrastructure.

Virtual ciso services provides easy access to specialised knowledge

cloud management

Our cloud management services enable high cloud availability with increased performances, security and compliances. Gain critical insight into threats and mitigate risks in the cloud with actionable recommendations from security experts.


Our cloud application development services include building, designing and deploying of applications for cloud.

 We get the job done – effortless