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Acierte en su estrategia de seguridad

Acierte en su estrategia de seguridad

Qué es la consultoría en Ciberseguridad?

¿Tiene dudas sobre donde empezar en ciberseguridad o necesita ayuda para priorizar los riesgos? Con nuestros servicios de consultoría ayudamos a las empresas a definir e implementar la estrategía de seguridad correcta. De esta manera usted puede garantizar el diseño de la seguridad y las operaciones que dan soporte a sus objetivos estratégicos y de continuidad de negocio. Somos un partner de confianza que trabaja conjuntamente con usted como si fuesemos un experto in-house.

Why do you need Consultancy?


Our consultancy service helps your company to gain vital insights into your security position. The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organisation with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance. Here are some benefits of our consultancy service:


Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts for a complete security status


Our consultants will provide you with a complete picture of your cyber security status and a clear vision of how to improve it.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts gives peace of mind


Reassurance that your information security is being evaluated by a highly certified team.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts for professional advise


Up-to-date expertise from innovation driven cyber security experts.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts for security expertise


We provide insight in best practices from other sectors. Our effective cyber security consultancy takes on a holistic approach to determine the most appropriate mitigation approach by balancing the technical response with procedural, physical and personnel measures.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts for flexible approach


A fully scalable approach to ensure you have the cyber security policies and processes your organisation needs.

Why work with Fortytwo?

The benefits when working with us:

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts with many years of experience


We have long-held and deep experience in cyber security transformation across financial services, travel industrie, media, government, and other sectors.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts provides clear communication and advise


In our work and proposals there are no unexpected surprises. We strongly believe in providing easy to understand reporting.


Our cyber security experts have extensive knowledge and up-to-date expertise. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, but our QSA security specialists can audit your IT environments to the latest requirements.

Consultancy and trusted advise by the Fortytwo security experts


We see ourselves as your trusted advisor and a critical part of your in-house team. Since we have the necessary resources to complement your every security need, we are able to keep your efforts focused while providing you with as much or as little consultative expertise as you need.

Consultancy by the Fortytwo security experts for worldwide expertise


We have extensive experience working with big and smaller companies worldwide.

Our Consultancy service by the Fortytwo security experts has many satisfied customers


We provide value to our clients on a consistent, ongoing basis and we are proud of our long-term client relationships.

Are you Ready to Assess and Strengthen your Defense?