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As a security company, we often get asked what the most important factor is involved in safeguarding companies’ data assets. Cybersecurity may begin with putting in place measures like spam filters, fraud detection software, multi-factor authentication and file encryption. But it doesn’t end there. It’s critical that businesses provide security awareness training to staff.


Human error is weakest link


Data breaches caused by human error is a major problem, employee error is still one of the most common breach methods according to IDtheftcenter (report January 2020). This is especially so in a high-speed information-driven environment, where email and Internet traffic account for the majority of demands on IT infrastructure.

Today’s hackers work to exploit these channels, by crafting realistic email messages or compromising websites, they entice users to click on links that covertly install viruses, worms, backdoor Trojans, key-loggers, and other malicious code.

Countering this kind of attack requires its targets—network users—are aware that threats are out there and have the knowledge to recognize (or at least suspect) when the enemy might be at the gate.


Regular security awareness training


Thus, next to a robust IT security program, regular security awareness training about emerging threats and ploys is essential.

If you’re concerned about how employees may be putting your business at risk, contact us today. We’ll help you protect your business and minimize the likelihood of data breaches caused by human error.