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Dutch leading security experts explain the art of perfect cyber security

Dutch leading security experts explain the art of perfect cyber security

Security Awareness Training

Let us work with you to implement an effective training program for both new and existing employees that provides refresher courses, a focus on new employees, and training in ongoing awareness. We use a variety of tested methods to effectively educate your staff based on their skill levels, security clearance, and organisational roles.

Why is Security Awareness important?

Firewalls, passwords, and monitoring systems. All these networks and endpoints are built around a business in which individual personnel require a certain level of autonomy in order to function effectively. This flexibility makes your employees a prime target for hackers. Competent hackers are able to circumvent all your security protocols by going to the employee directly.
As scary as this may sound, it is easily preventable with the proper education and training.

Why attend?

Our employee security awareness training is an effective way to tighten your security plan.
Here some reason’s why you should attent:

security awareness training


We develop custom training programs for your staff to ensure high effectiveness for your business and its unique set of employees.

security awareness training


All our trainings are led by practising QSA consultants.

security awareness training


Your staff can expect the best possible answers to their questions.

security awareness training


Empower your staff with maximum-security awareness and therefore reducing the risk of an internal threat.

security awareness training


Unawareness of cyber security can lead to unnecessary cost and data breaches, which could result in expensive compliance fines.


Our expects will share the latest developments in cyber crime.

security awareness training


An exclusive training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve.

Our clients say

“Great training tailored exactly to my needs. The presenter is QSA qualified, very high energy and passionate about awareness. Lots of fun and educational!”


“The amount of useful information that i can take back to work and implement right away was ridiculous. I can't wait to get started!”


Are you Ready to Take your Security to the Next Level?