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Web application penetration testing means testing the security integrity of browser-based applications. All potentially vulnerable web-based services, including APIs and web interfaces, are checked. This is done by executing the same steps that malicious attackers might perform to penetrate the security and gain access to protected information or enter the internal systems.


Why should it be a priority?


For companies that create web applications for use by other organizations then a web application penetration test is even more important. The customers must have full confidence in the application to ensure its ongoing success. Missing to locate and address vulnerabilities will put your reputation at risk.

The web application penetration test will help to confirm that the web application performs at the expected level of reliability, functionality, security, and performance. The tests check for vulnerabilities identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It’s a community effort devoted to uncovering and reporting on the latest web application security vulnerabilities. It offers a view of the level of risk for your organization and offers recommendations to prioritize addressing the identified application flaws.

During this specified process techniques are used on your applications to detect any existing security risks. Web application developers often inadvertently overlook security as they focus on code development, visual design, and app management, which is completely understandable. These are all important components of a good website or mobile app. Web application penetration testing effectively fills the security gap and ensures all of your web applications are as secure as they can be.


What is the goal?


The goal of a web application penetration test is to break into a web application using penetration attacks and threats. We do this by using a combination of manual and automated penetration tests. As we test, we seek out any security flaws, threats, and vulnerabilities and highlight what they are and highlight ways any risks we identify can be eliminated.

Each and every penetration test we perform is conducted by consistently using globally accepted and industry-standard frameworks. This helps to make up our application penetration testing methodology. At a minimum, the underlying framework is based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) but we go beyond the initial framework itself to ensure well-rounded and deep testing takes place.

Web applications are particularly vulnerable to external attacks given that they are inherently designed to be accessible to the Internet. While automated scanners check for known vulnerabilities, they are incapable of assessing real business risk. Our web application security testing helps you lower your risk of a data breach, improve productivity, protect your brand, and maximize the ROI from your web applications.

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