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Vincent Ossewaarde PCI QSA | CISSP | CISA | CEO – Fortytwo Security (English)
Natalia Morando Compliance Specialist PCI DSS | Senior Security Consultant – Fortytwo Security (Spanish / English)

Audits can be challenging. If your organization is subject to regulatory compliance rules, chances are you’ve experienced firsthand how time-consuming and challenging they can be, especially in the run-up period where everything is prepared for the audit.

Information security frameworks require continuous efforts to keep the right audit logs and maintain compliance. In order to reduce the efforts to pass an annual audit ánd remaining compliant throughout the cycle, we offer a subscription-based service where our auditors and specialists are available for you at the time when they are needed most.

We call this capability continuous compliance. It ensures that you have a way to continuously (and automatically) assess environments’ compliance at every stage of the development lifecycle all the way through to production. We are available for your questions but will also pro-actively perform periodic checks and update you on changing requirements.

Join our QSAs to hear all about PCI DSS continuous compliance and how to achieve this for your organization. 

What will you learn:

  • PCI DSS basics and the steps to becoming compliant
  • Real-life examples of compliance programs
  • Why is it so difficult to make this a continuous effort?
  • How to build the Annual PCI Compliance Plan?
  • Q&A with our QSAs on any PCI-related topic

Just 45-60 minutes out of your day could save you literally hours in PCI Compliance headaches.

There are many reasons to be able to prove your organization’s compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Since you are an expert in your own business, this webinar will go through the ins and outs of PCI Compliance and how to remain compliant throughout the year. Our QSA’s will introduce our helpful steps designed to make your path to compliance as quick and smooth as possible.

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Who should attend:
This webinar is aimed at any company that accepts credit card payments (retail, e-commerce, …) or any service provider involved in the transmission, processing, or storage of credit card payment data (credit card payment companies). software, call centers, data centers, BPO, ..).

Your chance to ask anything you like on PCI to one of our QSA’s


Vincent Ossewaarde 
*Specialities: Payment security, PCI-DSS, Security Compliance.
*Member of the advisory board on information security of NLdigital (the Dutch trade association for ICT) for the Dutch government and political world.
*Known to simplify security into easily understood terminology, therefore he is a sought-after industry speaker and contributor to the IT security press.

Natalia Morando
*Specialities: Payment security, PCI-DSS, Security Compliance.
*Natalia is very punctual and has many years of security compliance experience. She is a valuable security expert for our Spanish customers.